• Site Survey for Signage Recommendation
  • Graphic Design & Sign Typography
  • Vehicle Wrap, Sign, & Decal Installation
  • Photography

Site Survey for Signage Recommendation

  • Does your business want to update or unify its image?
  • Do you want to better direct your customers around your store/facility or guide them to featured products or specials?
  • Do you want to bring more customers into your store?
  • Are your company vehicles and store front providing a positive impression of your business?
  • Would you like to know how to use large format prints and promotional signs to decorate your store and promote your products?
  • Do you want to mark reserved or customer parking?
  • Can passing traffic easily locate your store and parking lot entries?

Have our sales staff come to your location and help determine how our products can fulfill your signage needs. Signs create the first impression of your business and have a lasting impact. Our staff will work with you to select the most appropriate materials and designs to promote your business.

Graphic Design & Sign Typography

Each of our signs is custom made, and most are custom designed, for a specific client for a specific application. That is thousands of unique designs a year with a varying range of complexity - that is a lot of real-world experience that grows every day.
The best production machinery in the world is put to poor use if the graphics sent to them are of poor quality. Our designers bring experience to bridge concept and reality. Large format applications are a special challenge as many graphics are simply too small or are of too poor of quality to scale up from their original size. We know what is needed to make your signage/project look impressive.
Our knowledge and experience with graphic design and our product line will help guide you in coming up with a solution that will serve the application of a specific graphic; up to, and including, creating all new designs.

Take a look at our Portfolio page to get an idea of the wide variety of signs we can make for you.

Industry Standard Software

Proprietary software makes it very difficult to utilize client files. At Sign Pro we use the latest versions of the Industry Standard Adobe Design Suite software package to ease importing and archiving of graphics we use for production. If you can export to a pdf, eps, or ai, we can probably use that file as-is, or easily create something that will produce excellent results. Adobe Illustrator is our preferred design application and file format. Layered PhotoShop documents (psd) at 1:1 scale are also preferred if you work with that application. If all else fails the best option is a tif, provided it is also at 1:1 scale.


Our graphic designers perform hundreds of design set-ups each month. Everything from simple “For Sale” signs to intricate and complicated photo books. With your objective in mind for your sign we can set something up that is noticeable, readable, and attractive.


Vector graphics are the basis of the majority of signs we do. This kind of artwork is described by mathematical lines, rather than pixels. Vector graphics are infinitely scaleable without losing quality and are essential when cutting graphics out of vinyl and desirable when printing large scale. Our designers’ experience with Adobe Illustrator allows us to take a raster graphic (like a jpg, psd, or bmp) and make it into a proper vector graphic, provided the raster image shows enough detail.

Standard Sign & Graphic Install

Have our experienced production staff apply your decals to your vehicle or store location. We can also hang signs and install some lexan faces. We do not do any electrical work. The main advantage to having us install your graphic is when we’re done it will be right, if you mess it up you have to buy another decal.

Vehicle Wraps

Guaranteed to turn heads. Each wrap is custom designed for the specific vehicle it will be applied to. Wraps can cover every visible surface (including most of the windows, as far as state law will allow), or can be designed to take advantage of the existing paint color. Wraps are priced based on coverage, the model of vehicle (curvier cars are harder to install), and install time. The best way to have a wrap designed is to let us know your budget and we will create a graphics package that will match your price range.


We will need to know the make, model, special trim package and color of your vehicle to get started. Usually we have a template to use for the design of the wrap, but straight on photographs do help. Sometimes the template does not show some reflectors, vents, special moulding pieces, etc., that can greatly complicate the wrap if not known about beforehand. Wrap designs are also complex and time consuming, so wrap proofs can take a couple of days to a week to complete.


Wraps require a lot of vinyl so it usually takes a couple of days to print all the materials needed to perform the wrap. A freshly cleaned vehicle also makes it much easier to do a quality wrap. Expect for us to need your vehicle for at least 1 full working day, though most wraps take 2 or 3.


Once the vehicle has been dropped off our crew will get to work installing it. If you have a garage or shop available that you would like the install performed in, we can come to you. The vehicle will not be available for use while the install is being performed.

Care & Life Expectancy

Click for wrap care PDF
Wraps are expected to last 5-8 years per the vinyl and ink manufacturer’s specifications. Montana weather can be very harsh on wrap vinyl as it is very hot and dry in the summer and wet with widely fluctuating temperatures in the winter. This can cut the life by as much as 30%. Typically in this climate the vinyl fails before the print fades. Proper care can extend the life of the wrap significantly.


For Graphic Design

Sometimes vector artwork and stock photography aren’t what you’re looking for, or you want to show off the unique qualities of your business. Custom photography for your application is then the answer. Our photographer will meet with you and determine what is the best way to create the final image you are looking for.

Large Format Application

Multiple frames stitched into a single image are often necessary for crisp detail on very large jobs even when shooting with today’s largest sensors. Some types of shots can’t be done with multiple frames, so Photoshop wizardry is required - good thing we can do that too. We have set up and processed several panorama projects; some requiring around 40 frames (the stadium photo in our shop’s lobby is a good example). Like most of what we do, specific panoramas and photos are a custom project.


We have several high quality art photos that we have on file as stock photos and for large prints if a client should want one. Most of the portfolio are nature and landscape shots and/or University of Montana themed. However, we are willing to shoot new photos if you have something particular in mind (and travel, time of year & weather will accommodate).